Creator: web3 protocols, applications and tools for a decentralized content-led economy

We are entering the economy the creator at velocity. Non-physical content is the dominant tradable product of the creator economy, non-physical content (or asset) is already valued, especially in innovative enterprises. However, their long-term potential is far beyond the current market state. They not only hold high inherent value but create an opportunity for investors to yield as their price increases.
For the web3 community, it’s clear that most if not all non-physical content-assets will be tokenized and traded on the open decentralized layer-2 protocol in the near future. In this paper, we propose a Content Economy Protocol that has the potential to dramatically increase the liquidity of non-physical content, but also outline a set of initial tools and included measures:
Content facilitator: A modular-content-builder DeFi: subscription-payments and lending processor NFC: Non-Fungible-Content i.e. fractionalized NFTs UER: User Engagement Rewards i.e. a transparent mechanisms for community members to be rewarded
These tools and strategies bring high-value content to this protocol and drive adoption of the web3 space in general by leveraging and converting centralized web2.0 environments.